These sound like excellent bugs to file on http://bugs.jython.org, and should ideally be resolved for 2.5.2.

While I'm on the subject of bugs, this is roughly how I triage bugs (and I think it's similar to other developers on the Jython project, or other projects for that matter):

Unit tests. We need a clear description of the expected behavior, and unit tests are the best way to do this. Often this is the single most important reason a bug isn't promptly fixed, even if a patch is supplied, since it takes much longer for us to evaluate.
Fix. Users who supply patches, well they are just great.
Core. Core language bugs are more important to us, especially since they're harder to workaround.
Significance. Knowing that there are projects impacted by this bug makes it of relatively greater importance.

Related to this is
Title. The better written the title, the more likely we will see any of this.

- Jim

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 7:12 PM, Juergen Brendel <juergen.brendel@mulesoft.com> wrote:


There is a nice Salesforce client for Python, called 'Beatbox'.
Unfortunately, it doesn't run on Jython!

One issue I have found has to do with the somewhat different handling of
strings and unicode, the other is an obscure issue around Jython
apparently handling a certain list-like object (the result of some XML
parsing, apparently) different than Python: Only for that particular
type of object, [:] returns an empty list in Jython, but the entire list
in Python.

At any rate, I filed bugs against Beatbox, but these issues were not
taken care of in the latest version as of yet. Since I need Beatbox for
a Salesforce component for RESTx, I patched the latest version of
Beatbox to work with Jython (at least it runs for the few tests that I

If anyone here is interested in that version of Beatbox, I will gladly
make it available to share somewhere. At this point, it's a sort of
mini-fork, even though we are really only talking about a few lines of
patches here and there.

In the long run, I'd hope that the Beatbox developers test their
software against Jython as well, implement the necessary fixes and make
this fork unnecessary. But until then...


Juergen Brendel
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