On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 4:08 PM, Juergen Brendel <juergen.brendel@mulesoft.com> wrote:
RESTx is in fact a small, compact standalone server. It does not rely or
depend on the Mule ESB in any way. Just that small correction.

Thanks for the correction. Being small makes it much easier to contemplate taking a detailed look at its implementation!

Now that you are bundling your own JSR-223 engine, do you foresee any
need for 2.5.1 applications that already started using JSR-223 to make
any changes? Or should everything just continue to work?

Ideally just continue to work, but please test. 2.5.2 should have only fixed some of the corner cases in our javax.script API support.

Bundling our own JSR-223 engine does enable us much faster turnaround time on delivering bug fixes. It also allowed us to fix what was a rather incomplete integration for the 3rd-party engine available for Jython 2.2/2.2. At this point, our engine should be considered stable.

- Jim