Thank you for your advice.

I successfully created my virtual environment with:
    virtualenv -p /usr/bin/jython/

And I can download python packages with pip. For python, it just works great. Then I managed to resolve Java dependencies with ant+ivy, they can download dependencies automatically.

But when it comes to the final step, I find it's not easy to append jars to CLASSPATH. Unless you do some dirty job in the `jython` script, you will have to append every jar to python.path.

I will report this.

2010/12/30 Israel Tsadok <>
easy_install, pip and virtualenv work just fine under Jython. You can try it for yourself.
I haven't looked into any technical details, but I suspect that if you want to write such a tool, it might be easier for you to extend maven to support jython rather than starting a whole new project by yourself.