Hi Kai,

Nice little patch :) I wonder where that code is used, the org.python.indexer code isn't used anywhere within Jython. The method you patched isn't used anywhere at all (not even from within the org.python.indexer package, or the test cases). I'm guessing Google use it internally, since they were the ones who contributed it. Does anyone know what the plans were for including the indexer in Jython? What is the intended use for it?

Regarding javadoc: Yes, unfortunately the vast majorities of the Jython classes are quite poorly javadoc documented. I haven't found this to be a very big issue though. Most of the classes in Jython are internal implementation, so any javadoc there should be written with only a maintainer/core developer in mind, a person using Jython or embedding Jython shouldn't touch most of that stuff. I've found that the code is a pretty good communicator for the current team, thus that there isn't a very urgent need for javadocs. For the few classes that are part of the "public api", and that people should use when embedding Jython, javadocs are much more important. Sadly there isn't a good list of these classes, since there is no clean "public api".

Regarding commit rights: as with most other open source projects, commit rights are earned. If you submit a steady stream of patches you could get commit rights.


On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 12:46 AM, Kai Hackemesser <kai.hackemesser@gmail.com> wrote:

just joined the list, here's a little patch. Eclipse marked it for
me... BTW are all the Jython classes so weakly javadoc'umented?

I would like to contribute, how do I get SVN commit rights?

I'm a SCJD with about 10 years exposure to Java. I'm no Python guy
yet, but at my workplace we started using Jython for automated testing
with the robot framework (http://robotframework.googlecode.com) last
year. I'm responsible for the Maven->Jython->Jybot interaction.


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