In a nutshell, we don't have a schedule for 3.x, but we certainly are planning to release a Jython 3.x.

Our plans are to release 2.5.2 within the next couple of months, although the exact schedule will depend on how many issues are found in the release candidate(s) and how fast we can fix the reported bugs we are currently triaging. (Most of the bugs in the current beta concern Java integration.) After that, we will begin work on 2.6 and resume clamp development, which is the jythonc successor.

Jython 2.6 will help us prepare for 3.x. In most cases, Python 3.x features were backported to 2.6 and then 2.7, with the codebase substantially the same. Certain features like views on dicts are already supported by Java, so we simply need to expose them to Python. On the Java front, Jython 2.6 will support invokedynamic, the new bytecode instruction for the JVM to support dynamic languages. In particular, invokedynamic can run on Java 5 through a bytecode "retroweaving" translation process. It's also possible we will be able to support other optimizations. We expect that these should enable substantially better performance by allowing for better inlining of Python code on the JVM. Likewise, abstract base classes will enable better Python <=> Java integration.

We will not immediately be working on Jython 3.x, because of limited resources, and the fact that it's still not in wide adoption. However, a variant of our parser now supports 3.x, and it is used by Netbeans Python for this purpose. Also, in most cases, Jython simply uses the CPython standard library. Where we can't, CPython development at this point now always implements a pure Python version of any new functionality. In addition, there was a significant investment in unit testing by core Python dev. Lastly, CPython has a language feature freeze to help other implementations catch up, including Jython. All of these should help in our eventual support of 3.x.

Hope that helps!

- Jim

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Are there any plans to bring Jython up to date with the most recent versions of Python, i.e. 3.1?


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