I would consider using some form of pre-canned rpc rather than going with something resful that you have to code to.


I have experimented with https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rpyc to call JDBC (Jython) from CPython and ODBC (CPython) from Jython


I’ve recently been experimenting with https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rfoo (from the same author as winpdb), it requires Cython. I literally just last night pushed out a quick-n-dirty pure python (i.e. no Cython) version for an embedded project but I’ve not had chance to try it with Jython.


However I’ve not seriously used either of the above in production so perhaps take this advice with a pinch of salt ;-)




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  1. Yes. You can run them both on the same server, but you will need some way for the two to communicate with each other, because they will run independently from each other.
  2. Can't really think of anything, other than using JNI (Java Native Interface) or something similar to make the java program just use native C calls itself. Or writing it all in one or the other.
  3. Yes, they are in the midst of getting 2.7 out and released, but I would say it is a live and active project.


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On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 4:15 PM, Ash G <ashish8job@gmail.com> wrote:

1) Is it possible to run python app A on Cpython and python app B on Jpython on same server at the same time?


App on Cpython will use some c based python libraries while app on jython will interface with a java based app.


I will make them talk to each other if needed using either restful web services or celery/rabbitmq.

Or should I use two different servers just to be on safe side. Any issues or caveats with running cpython and jpython on same server?

2) Any better suggestions on above approach?

3) Is jython an active and live project?

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