Good suggestion, but it should be linked to the Java 5 javadocs, since that is our current compatibility level.

I've reviewed the first two of your patches (toArray and indexOf), and improved a bit further on toArray, I'll commit them as soon as I've checked the regression tests.

When it comes yo your main patch (about null for traceback in the exception tuples), I think you have found an excellent cutting point. I was going to look at it and suggest that you do the conversion where the PyTuple is instantiated, but I can see that is what you have done.

Any other opinions? Otherwise I'll check in Andreas fix.

The real solution would of course be to change PyException to not expose its fields and have this conversion done in an accessor method instead. But that is a substantial refactoring, and something we should defer for now.


On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 11:39 PM, Andrea <> wrote:

I think it would be useful to add the link to Java's javadoc

from Jython generated javadoc.

Minor issue could be which version of Java (my choice is of the latest).

It is a matter of adding

<link href="" />

in the build.xml for ant.

If necessary, the link can be made not to require an Internet connection.


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