Wow! Great improvement. I like it.

A few more comments on the twitter feed.
* "hashtags" are useless, please include a search for "jython" instead of "#jython", it will include all the hits that the search for "#jython" would plus some more that are also relevant. It will #also #keep us from #writing #tweets that #look like #this.
* It would be nice if you could see the name and perhaps the avatar of the persons who wrote the tweets.

I don't like the text for the "older distributions" part, it is not clear which version constitutes the "older distribution", I'd like it if the text explicitly said that it was the 2.2 version.

Finally it would be nice if the right hand side menu was entirely on the screen when the page loads, as it is now I need to scroll down a bit to see all of it. This does of course depend on your screen resolution, and I don't know how much vertical space we should optimize for. As it is now it would be enough to move the search box up into the black area for the menu to fit on screen, but it will probably be different on another screen. The left hand side menu fits perfectly, so if other people agree with this and you decide to go for it, that can be used as reference.

Good work,

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 3:23 PM, Josh Juneau <> wrote:
I've changed new site colors a bit, and also re-arranged a few items on the new site.  I've added a collapsable menu to the right-hand side of the site so that we could add sections there without cluttering up the screen.  There have been some changes made to the navigation menu on the left-hand side as to make it more usable.  For instance, I've made a downloads link that integrates nicely with the site, and I've moved the developer links into the collapsable menu on the right-hand side to clean it up a bit.  I also added a chat applet option to the collapsable menu so that users can gain easy access to the #jython IRC room.

I've stuck with the darker header as I think it adds life to the current Jython logo.  However, I can use a lighter blend if we choose to do so.  I personally think that the darker header adds tone to the site because I've built it with a white header as well and it seems a bit dull.

Lastly, I've cleaned up some links so that everything should now open in the current window.  The only pop-up now should be the aforementioned chat applet.  If you find others, please let me know. 

New site build:

Send me your thoughts.  Thanks for your time!

Josh Juneau
Twitter ID:  javajuneau

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 8:55 AM, Josh Juneau <> wrote:
I've revamped and started to update/add some documentation.  Please take a look at the new site proposal and let me know what you think.  Keep in mind that colors can be updated, but I rather like the dark site as it really makes the site look "new".  I also think that the current logo also looks better on a dark background.  

At this point I have only added a few extra docs and so forth, but in the long run I plan to eventually add a complete doc set for 2.5 as I am back-porting the Python 2.6 docs.  I am also going to add more quick links onto the front page and build upon those that I've started.  At this point the site is really a good starting-point for me to begin building on the docs and add other nice features...something more like has in the end.

Let me know what you think.  If everyone likes it then maybe we can move over to the new site sometime soon.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Josh Juneau
Twitter ID:  javajuneau

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