Thanks! The code is all set up now, but I am still having a bit of a problem - it can't find org.python.core or org.python.util.PythonInterpreter. I'm compiling using javac in a Mac OS X terminal, and both the java files and the jythonRelease_2_2alpha1 folder are both in the home directory. I tried compiling the example you pointed me to, from its default position in the Jython file heirarchy, and it gave the same errors. I installed Jython fully, etc. and I'm not sure how to proceed. Help would be much appreciated.

On 3/24/06, Kent Johnson <> wrote:
Jake Eakle wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know nothing whatsoever about Python. I just downloaded Jython oin the
> recommendation of someone in some forum responding to a question about
> how to evaluate strings from Java - it turns out that the standaard
> libraries provide no real way to do this.
> I have a very simple situation - I have a string with a basic
> mathmatical expression, like  "3+45*2" and I want to store it's value in
> an int from a Java program.

This example shows how to do what you want:

I'm not sure but I think the returned PyObject will actually be a
PyInteger and you can call getValue() on it to get the result.

You should know that eval() is a security hole that leaves you open to
denial-of-service attacks and probably data loss. Don't eval() strings
from an untrusted source.


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