Hello, I have used Python for some time, but because my current project involves the use of the Java library Batik, I have decided to learn to use Jython. I am not familiar with the Batik API, and so I am really missing the autocomplete (Ctrl + Space) feature that I would normally have when writing Java code in Eclipse. The autocomplete feature displays all of an object's public methods, as well as other publicly accessible constructs, and I believe that this feature provides a very fast, dynamic way of learning an unfamiliar API.
I understand that due to Python and Jython's dynamic typing system, autocomplete is generally not possible. However, I was wondering if there were any other function that could retrieve an object's public methods and other constructs. For instance, I believe that in Python I could run inspect.getmembers(circbbox, inspect.ismethod) to get the public methods. However, this does not seem to work in Jython.
I would appreciate any guidance anyone can can offer.