Hi Charlie !
Sure this is very interesting !
I have a couple of questions :
- Do you handle dynamically created tests ?
- Do you encapsulate the test in a java suite class... then run it into Maven (yet it would be possible to decorrelate the encapsulation from the integration) or do you have a close-to-maven integration ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,
PS : We have been integrating Python unittest into Junit and testNG for a few months (Yactu project). We used to do the same with Jython and JUnit.
Laurent Ploix
2006/6/13, Charlie Groves <charlie.groves@gmail.com>:

I've written a maven 2 plugin that runs unittest and JUnit testcases
inside of maven's existing test framework.  It uses the nice unittest
to JUnit bridge that was posted to the list earlier to provide a
fairly seamless integration into the maven build and reporting

It isn't easily available since it requires some additions to their
testing bootstrap plugin in addition to the actual test running plugin
I wrote.  I've been told by the powers that be at Maven that the patch
would have a much better chance if it got some votes.  So if anyone
here would like to run Jython tests from Maven, a vote at
http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MSUREFIRE-122 would be most

If I do get this to move forward I'd love to hear from people using
Jython unittests about how best to structure the Jython stuff inside
of maven.


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Laurent Ploix