I'm trying to debug some Django code that needs to be tested in my servlet container and my compile cycle is taking an enormous amount of time.

To deploy, I have to run jython manage.py war to create a war file, copy the war file to my webapps directory, and then turn on Tomcat, which then proceeds to read in all the jar files all over again. The part of packaging the war and waiting for Tomcat to read in all the jars takes a long, long time.

I tried going directly into tomcat\webapps\foo\WEB-INF\lib-python\Lib and modifying the source directly there, but strangely enough if I make changes there they don't show up when I bring my servlet container back up. I deleted the .class file and started the servlet container, and my change still didn't show up, and the old code still ran without generating a new .class file!

Where the heck is jython caching these files and how can I force it to recompile that py file?