It's great to see this kind of responsiveness to the community from the makers of these tools. So far I love the Python community!

I think I almost have everything working, but I have one small problem.

How can I compile a war for an existing django project? When I try to run jython25 war it says: Unknown command: 'war'

Does this mean I have to build every project from scratch as a jython project? Or is there something special I can do to my old projects to make them able to compile into a war?

I noticed I can at least run jython25 runserver, but when I load the site it says:

Exception Type:      DatabaseError
Exception Value:    

driver [org.mysql.Driver] not found

Exception Location:     /Users/jacob/djython/jython-d/dist/Lib/site-packages/doj/backends/zxjdbc/mysql/ in _cursor, line 167



On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Leo Soto M. <> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 12:12 PM, Alan Kennedy <> wrote:
> [Leo]
>> I definitely have to integrate django-jython with the latest modjy
>> release. It's a long overdue issue, but I have been really sucked up
>> on many life issues which forced me to put this work aside for a
>> while. I'm almost back now, so expect an updated[*] release of
>> django-jython by the next weekend.
>> [*] Actually, it will be the first release ever, but I think the point is clear.
> Hi Leo,
> I've just checked out the latest django-jython, and come to the same conclusion.
> It would be *really* *nice* to get this resolved sooner rather than
> later; people are tripping over the problems; it looks messy.
> I could make the relevant changes to a django-jython SVN checkout, and
> either you or I could check them in?

Sure, please give me your google code account name and I'll add you to
the project members.

Leo Soto M.

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