Okay, on further research, a character in Python is a String of one item.  So it is a one 'character' String, not one or more characters.

Still, should:

import array

a = array.array("c", "abc123')

print a


    array('c', 'abc123')      like in Python 2.5.2


    array('c', ['a', 'b', 'c', '1', '2', '3'])    like in Jython 2.5a1?

Also, when I use an 'L' type code I get the same value error message as when I used the 'B' type code.

And, when using 'H', Jython just changes it into 'i' and when using 'I' (upper case eye), Jython changes it to 'l' (lower case el).

 - Bob

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I have found what I think are two bugs in the Jython 2.5 Alpha code for arrays.  The reason that I am writing here rather than making a bug report is that I am not positive they are bugs since arrays in Jython are a bit complicated (to me anyway).

The first question:

The following runnable short code snippet runs on both Jython and Python (I am running on Windows XP Pro) but gives slightly different results.

import array

a = array.array("c", 'abc123')
print a
print a.tostring()

print repr(a.tostring())

for i in a:
    print i,


In Python 2.5.2 it prints the following:

    array('c', 'abc123')  # this is where they are different

    a b c 1 2 3

In Jython 2.5a1 it prints:

    array('c',['a', 'b', 'c', '1', '2', '3'])  # this is where they are different

    a b c 1 2 3

Intuitively, the Jython result seems right, an array of char.  But, my understanding of char in Python says that the Jython is wrong.  I think a Python char is 1 or more characters, in other words a string.  the Jython char array is actually several char arrays rather than one char array.

The other problem is unsigned char  -  using a 'B' as the type code.  I receive the following error message in Jython when declaring an array with the 'B' type code ( 'b' - signed char - works ok):

 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\...\src\charArraysUnsigned.py", line 6, in <module>
    a = array.array("B", 'abc123')
ValueError: typecode must be in [zcbhilfd]

The following very short code snippet should recreate the error in Jython:

import array

a = array.array("B", 'abc123')


I'll open bug reports if someone will confirm that these are bugs and not something that needed to be done to get Java and Python working together.


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