Hi Alan,

I tried asyncore with Jython 2.2.1 and received error messages that the port is not watchable.  Would you expect this to be the response now until more updates are made??

 - Bob

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> I also updated a more recent problem that is quite a bit more problematic.
> Its number is 1782548. I am willing to work on it and I have background in
> that area, but I will need help from Alan or someone to answer questions and
> advise me on making modifications to the socket.py module, as it can be
> fairly complex.

I have updated the bug report to specify the problem and illustrate
the solution.

Essentially, the problem is that the UDP socket implementation is
still in a halfway house. The creation of sockets is done through the
java.nio.DatagramChannel.open() method. But the send and receive are
still done through the old java.net.DatagramSocket.send() and
.receive() methods.

I have attached test code to the bug that shows that if the UDP
implementation is updated to the use the
java.nio.DatagramChannel.send() and .receive() methods, this bug will




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