Hi Charlie,

I answered 2 old problems in the problem log. There is no reason to doubt that when the problems were opened that these were actual problems but I was able to put examples in the comments where both of these problems are now working fine, probably because of the updates to Jython 2.2 and 2.2.1 as well as newer Java versions.   You can probably wait a reasonable amount of time and then close them.  The numbers are: 1509095 and 1482645.

I also updated a more recent problem that is quite a bit more problematic.  Its number is 1782548.  I am willing to work on it and I have background in that area, but I will need help from Alan or someone to answer questions and advise me on making modifications to the socket.py module, as it can be fairly complex.

Please advise if there is a better way to handle problems like these.

And - Merry Christmas!

 - Bob

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