BTW, I just checked out trunk and ran the which
gave me the error:

Traceback (innermost last):
File "dist/Lib/test/", line 180, in ?
File "dist/Lib/test/", line 170, in test_main
AttributeError: class 'org.python.modules.imp' has no attribute 'lock_held'

I am wondering how you got to the point where you got the error for
os.getpid() instead of this one. I got the same error with 22rc3.

The simple answer is that this is the next error that I got after commenting out the call to imp.lock_held .

I am still looking into why Jython does not have imp.lock_held and why the python test has it,  but don't know enough yet to ask.

Any insights would be appreciated.

 - Bob

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