The Test Suite fails in Linux for me, with a TCPClientTimout error being the first one.  If I comment that test out in Windows, all the remaining tests pass.  In Linux I get many errors with  address already in use messages all over the place.

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From: Alan Kennedy <>
Sent: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 4:03 pm
Subject: Socket bind problems on Linux.

Changing the subject line, we're not dealing with Mac problems any more. 
> I am having problems with SocketServer having to wait for a timeout > period though I've set allow_reuse_address = True . I am running this > on Linux with JVM 1.6. It sounds related to Pekkas problem. I can put > together an example for you quite easily using SocketServer. Would this > be helpful to you, or would you rather have one using socket which will > take me a little longer. 
Well, the smaller the code sample the better. 
Are you having problems running the test suite? 

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