The shell I use (based on Korn, not everyone can use bash) doesn’t recognise the syntax (with parentheses)
a=(”$b” ”$c”)
so the 2.5b0 start script has a lot of syntax errors in it. If I naively change this to one of
a=”$b” ”$c”
a=$b $c
the shell attempts to execute $c with the environment variable a set to $b, so
JAVA_CMD=exec ${JAVA_CMD[@]}
doesn’t do what it ought to. Changing to
JAVA_CMD=”exec ${JAVA_CMD[@]}”
Eventually attempts to run the executable ”exec java”, which obviously doesn’t work.
What’s the right thing to do here?
Hmm, the original syntax doesn’t seem to work in bash. Example:
$ a=b
$ c=d
$ x=("${a}" "${c}")
$ echo $x
Shouldn’t I get “b d” there?
Incidentally, what does [@] do above?
Incidentally again:
if [ -z $help_requested ] ; then
is a syntax error without double quotes around $help_requested.