I'll readily put in my vote for a good Jython IDE! Autocompletion would be awesome. Jython is naturally much easier to work with than java, but IMO java IDEs pretty well overcome this advantage by supplying support for automcompletion, refactoring etc. (at least, Intellij IDEA and Eclipse give refactoring).

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[Patrick K. O'Brien]
>What PyCrust does in the Python environment is add things like a popup list of
>autocompletion options when you type a dot after an object and a call tip
>window when you type a left paren after a function or method name. It also
>has support for automatic syntax coloring, multiline editing, command
>history recall, a namespace tree view, etc.
>Would there be any interest in such a thing within the Jython community?

Hmmm..I'm surprised no one has responded to this yet?..

_I_ think it would be great to have something like this for Jython; it would go a long way to helping newbies overcome the initial learning curve, as well as speeding up experienced developers. I have tried some of the other consoles and found them lacking; people who are used to 'smart' environments like JBuilder find them crude by comparision.

We use 'SPyConsole' ( ftp://iee.umces.edu/SME3/JConsole/ ) now because it's written in Java so we don't have to worry about outside '.py' files (we don't use any other libs).

But if there was a compelling reason (like autocompletion!) to use a '.py' routine we would use it.

Then if we could just get an integrated GUI script debugger ... ;^)

- Jim Adrig

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