Recently, the development team has given us a jython (using jyconsole, perhaps we should switch to jythonconsole?) environment within the client to develop our own commands.  Sadly, we have no jython experts in house.  Here is my question:

I can currently do commands like
>>MoveMotor(motor position)

within the console.  However, for our users, I would think something like:
>>mv motor4=3
or even:
>>mv motor4 3

would be more intuitive.

So, here is my question:
is there any easy way to alias commands in the python interpreter?  Or, do I need to 
catch the string before it goes to the interpreter and parse the string, strip the arguments  and call my function with them first?  Within cpython (or jython if anyone knows), where can I get a hook into the string before an exec() is run?  Also, are modules such as optparse, argparse, cmd2, cmdline, etc. limited to only sys.argv, or can they be used on any string (or I guess list)?