I am a new user of Jython and I am desperately seeking some help regarding the proper manner to import a Package of Java Classes into my Jython Script. I have read all available documentation online and in the Jython Essentials and Learning Python Books.
Currently I have the following items configured:
PYTHONPATH - C:\RemJavaApi\JavaFiles\remedy
Directory Structure - remedy\arsys\api
Api Directory contains the Java Class Files I wish to import (Here is an excerpt)

Currently, in my script I have the following Import statement:


import remedy.arsys.api.ARServerUser


When executing the script using the following command, I receive the error ImportError: no module named remedy.


java -jar jython.jar C:\JythonScripts\

I have also tried specifying the following paths on the PYTHONPATH Environment Variable:

But I always seem to receive the same (In Order)


ImportError: No Module named remedy

ImportError: No Module named arsys

ImportError: No Module named api



If anyone can suggest the pieces I am missing, I would really appreciate your help. The problems I am having do not seem to jive with the documentation on importing packages contained in the Learning Python or Jython Essentials Books.




Kevin Abram