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Dear all,

I am not sure if the following is a trivial problem or not; thanks a lot for pointers in the right direction:

I want to write a package in Jython, containing some helper classes and functions (class_foo.py class__1_foo.py ...) and finally a program program_foo.py importing and using the aforementioned classes.

I want to start program_foo.py from another jython program, say main.py.
- How can I run the file program_foo.py from main.py?

import program_foo.py

should be able to do it.

- Will program_foo.py then find the import files in the same package or do I have to set additional environment variables?

Should work out of the box. Though you may need to use hierarchy just as in Java, like org/cache/ ... will convert to org.cache. ... ,e etc.

Maybe slightly off-topic: It would possibly also help if I could run a start.bat from jython. Is there a way to do that?

import os
Should do.


Thanks a lot for your support.

Kind regards

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