Hi, everybody!  I'm PyCon 2010 publicity chair.  Are you sick of hearing about PyCon yet?  No?  Then I need your help.  We need to get the whole community talking about PyCon.

So far, PyCon tends to get plenty of notice in the Python world... much less so in the (great big honking) Java programming community.  You know much better than I do, however, that Python and PyCon are ready to shower Java programmers with Pythony goodness... we just have to let them know somehow.  (I'm also on the program committee selecting talks, and whooWEEE have we got a rich crop of Jython submissions this year!  You are going to love it!)

So I need your ideas and help.  Together we'll make a big, awesome PyCon.

- What Java magazines, websites, and event calendars would be good to target for announcements and media sponsorships?
- By far the best way to get space in magazines, etc. is to write articles for them.  Could anybody write an article about or mentioning PyCon for some of these?  I'm imagining titles like "A Java programmer at PyCon" - or whatever you can think of.  Remember, publishing articles burnishes your own reputation, too.
- Are you on Java mailing lists, forums, etc. where PyCon has not been mentioned?  Can you rectify that, or point me to them so that I can?
- You're blogging the bejeezuz out of PyCon, right?  Blog badges and some other goodies (flyers, slides for speakers, business cards) are at http://us.pycon.org/2010/helping/publicize/
- Anything else you can think of?

Thanks very much!  See you in Atlanta!
- Catherine
*** PyCon * Feb 17-25, 2010 * Atlanta, GA * us.pycon.org ***