Thanks Pierre. I think this might be a little simplistic for our needs.

For now, I'm placing our package's Python files and Python files for supporting libraries in Lib/. It's just not an elegant build process, although it's automatic. It involves a clean JYTHON_PATH, jython install (with easy_install.zip_ok=False in setup.cfg) and then copying contents of dirs in Lib/site-packages to Lib/ in jython.jar.


On 2011-04-19, at 11:40 PM, Pierre Thibault wrote:

2011/4/18 Ian Stevens <>
Pierre, do you know what the other JAR bundling methods referenced in that Jython book are?

I've tried to put things in practice with Eclipse but I fail. Here is how I succeeded manually:

1) I made a copy of jython.jar under another name.
2) I opened the jar file with my compression tool (Ark).
3) I added at the root of the archive the Python file to run as "". I only have one in this simple test.
4) I saved the new archive.
5) I used "java -jar jar_name.jar -jar jar_name.jar" to run the application.

The first "-jar jar_name.jar" is for running Jython and the second one is to tell Jython to run the .jar.

It was tricky. Is this a solution?



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