Charlie pointed me to the list :-)
He raised some great points, so I'll reply to my own message soon.

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From: Ori Peleg <>
Date: Feb 18, 2007 7:37 PM
Subject: Contributing to Jython in Groovy
To: Charlie Groves

Hi Charles,

I hope you're the right person to contact about this (should I use a mailing list?)
I was wondering if you'd consider receiving contributions to Jython in Groovy.
I'm not asking this to be cute, but I would like to program in a convenient language, which Groovy is and Java isn't.
I would think of contributing to Jython in, well, Jython, except that I think it's too slow and perhaps doesn't integrate with the JVM as well.

What do you think? Even though it's a "competitor", Groovy seems a great choice for JVM-centric code.