I was a Jython user and am working for a company bigger than BEA. I still like Jython and hope to use it in our production system. However, I do have similar concern as Walter has on jython project's current status.

Back to the the "management" topic. Personally, I believe introducing some management, or organization, to Jython project will actually do more good than bad. Walter has mentioned Scrum, which is a good agile development approach.  By doing daily scrum, the community can clearly see the activity of the dev team and understand the capacity of the team. By creating back log and doing monthly sprint, we can choose the reasonable amount important tasks and then focus on them. Then we can *deliver* features and improvements regularly. And that's what jython project really needs.

Several suggestions to the dev team:
1. Make Frank's mock up site page official. It has been more than two months when I heard "really close" to launch the new site page last time. If some link in the page doesn't work, just remove it. We can always add it later.
2. Create a  feature list and assign priorities. Volunteers  still can pick up whatever tasks they are interested. But at least they know which task can benefit the community most before choosing the task.

Just my 2 cents.



On 3/31/06, Oti < ohumbel@gmail.com> wrote:

I like people who care and take care.
And for me the current discussion is in big parts: care and take care of Jython.
That's the positive part for me, since I am pretty addicted to Jython,
and I want to help to move it forward.

On the other side, I am a bit sceptical concerning tendencies like
"money and management".
In my daytime life as an employee, I can see the slowing down effect
of too much management, and I don't see how these fit onto the Jython

You might say that I am not in a position to speak of slowing down,
since my pace of production is already quite slow (explanation below).

But I strongly believe that taking care also means not throwing down the walls:
- make and keep the codebase solid
- make and keep the tests solid
and the same for website, build, installer, ...

In German we have a saying:
  Viele Koeche verderben den Brei
which, straighforward translated, leads to:
  Too many cooks spoil the menu

So the challenge for Frank is to really well coordinate all the
efforts, and find the appropriate delegate/control balance. This is
difficult, IMHO. Let's support him as much as we can!

Best wishes,


Since I am >= 100% employed, and member of a family, Jython developer
time is relatively short for me.

On 4/1/06, Walter Chang < chang.walter@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Oti...
> What do you think of the recent activity?
> :)

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