That would be a welcome change. Last time I looked, test_tarfile was as far as the buildbot could go (on Java 6).


I guess we're not thinking of this for beta 2 at the moment. Is a review on someone's to do list?

Jeff Allen
On 24/03/2014 06:16, Indra Talip wrote:

On 23 March 2014 04:26, Jeff Allen <> wrote:

I'm largely content to be guided by others on the project about what's good enough to release, but Jim's analysis strikes me as optimistic. We have quite a lot of fails and skips in the regression tests, and sometimes they represent knotty issues. On the plus side, when we fix a knotty one, we get rid of several skips at once. This is where my energy goes at the moment. Good fun if anyone wants to join in.


Speaking of fixing regression tests I have a pull request at that fixes all but one of the test_bz2 unittests with that last test requiring an update to commons-compress 1.8 to pull in the fix for Incidentally fixing up the bz2 module also fixes all bar one of the test_tar unittests.