The API doc of PyProxy says: Proxies classes are created whenever a python class inherit from a java class.
I've written some Python class in Java extends from PyObject, and each class has a corresponding Jython class inherent from it. For example:

in java file:
public class PyReport extends PyObject{}

in Jython:
class report(PyReport):

According to the API doc, each java class will have a proxy class, this is reasonable. But I got an OutOfMemoryError when I run script containing these self-defined jython classes repeatly. Each time I create a PyInterpreter, after finished running the PyInterpreter.clearUp() is called to do clean work. By examing the memory dump file(hprof), I found a lot of proxies class like 'class org.python.proxies.main$report$11521' there, they haven't been clear, and eventually fill up the permament heap of JVM and cause OutOfMemoryError.

Is there way to solve this problem? I'm not sure this is a bug or not.
Thanks for your attention.