Our legal department requires that all languages and tools built on interpreted environments have the license agreements reviewed and filed.

For these purposes, we also need a primary contact with the appropriate contact information, i.e. address, city/state/zip and phone number.

Could someone please provide this information?

Please reply to both Chrissy Collier (cc'd) and myself.


David A. Basinger                  Desk (614)447-3600 x2090
Chemical Abstracts Service  Fax   (614)447-3855
2540 Olentangy River Rd       Mobile Phone (614)477-1654
Columbus, OH  43202   .        mailto:dbasinger@cas.org

Personal e-mail: mailto:dbasinger@insight.rr.com
SMS Text Paging: mailto:6144771654@mobile.att.net

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