i am also interested to contribute to the New jython User Guide-TOC
thanks a lot.

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On 9/20/07, Dave Kuhlman <dkuhlman@rexx.com> wrote:
> Looks like it was generated from reST (RestructuredText), which is also what I
> use for my course notes.  So, one approach is to use standard reST (and pay a
> little attention to the model set by the old UG), then apply the same style CSS
> sheet to our docs.  That will give us a consistent look.
> Are we agreed that reST and Docutils is our preferred document format?
Well, it is at least *my* preferred format :) -- I did the initial
translation from the old site into ReStructuredText, and am very fond
of the format.  I have a long term goal of moving to the same system
that python.org uses, which is at least partially based on this
ReStructuredText, although I'm fuzzy on details (about python.orgs
website setup).


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