Although coding traditional applets in Jython 2.5.x is not yet possible, it is easy to develop Java web start applications using the latest version of Jython.  The development of applets using Jython requires a compiler such as jythonc.  The jythonc compiler has not been brought forward into 2.5.x due incompatibilities with some of the newer language features.  However, web start applications are a viable alternative to applets, although they will not run directly within the web browser.  For more information on how to get started, you may wish to take a look here:  http://jythonpodcast.hostjava.net/jythonbook/chapter13.html#applets-and-java-web-start

Hope this helps.


Josh Juneau
Twitter ID:  javajuneau

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 5:08 AM, Rasjid Wilcox <rasjidw@gmail.com> wrote:
2010/1/26 Francis Pieraut <francis@qmining.com>

Hi Rasjid,

You can download the example I have created in that blog:
Let me know if you have problems.

Thanks Francis, but (unless I'm mistaken) that is for a servlet (I think that is the right terminology - I'm not from the Java world) to run within tomcat, where as I'm after an example of running a Jython applet in a browser (the code runs client side in the browser, not server side in tomcat).

http://www.jython.org/applets/ says the page has been retired.  The docs for Jython 2.1 are at http://www.jython.org/archive/21/applets/index.html but I have no idea if the approach given for Jython 2.1 still holds for Jython 2.5.



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