It certainly would be a cool thing if newbies chose to learn Jython first, but I agree that it is unlikely.  Thanks for the feedback, maybe I'll rework the chapter a bit.


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Thanks for the feedback, it is certainly appreciated.

One of the big decisions we had to make when writing the book was who the audience for the book would be.  We chose to write the book geared towards both Java developers looking to learn Jython (not knowing anything about Python), and Python developers looking to move to the JVM.  

I'm part of the first audience. I have to say the first chapter is, imho, still too slow. Like, I know perfectly what the various loops
are supposed to do, and I guess anyone with a previous programming
experience has as well.
If the first chapter is targeted towards people not knowing Python
already it should only say what are the differences between the
plain old Java/C loops equivalents and the Python ones, that's
where the interesting parts are anyways. At the moment some of
them are in later chapters, this is a little disorienting.

It really seems like the first chapter is targeting someone with
very little or no programming experience, but it's quite unlikely
someone with that background would land in an hybrid setup like
the Jython one (Python, but not in its most popular runtime)

Just my 2 cents