Your sphinx version of the site looks awesome.  However, I thought that the overall goal of the site was to get something in-line with that of the likes of jruby.org and I think the sphinx version falls short of that.  However, I'd love to use your sphinx jython setup to create our docset for Jython 2.5.0.  I've grabbed the Python 2.6 docset and I plan to back port it for our purposes...your sphinx setup would look perfect for integration with the new site.

I am working on the margins and think I've got them looking pretty good right now for the next build.  I am also working on the type so that it looks cleaner and more like the type on your sphinx version...stay tuned!

Not sure why the Sourceforge mailing list site was not working, but we can look at making a google groups front end for the mailing lists perhaps at some point...good idea.

I agree with excluding the "Site Updates" on the front page...consider it gone.  Also, the older distributions section will be removed as it is repetitive.

The idea of the collapsable sidebar is to add convenience for including many different things on the main page and not burying them on the site.  I think it needs to stay the way it is, at least for now.

Oh yeah, the "Java Implementation of the Python Programming Language" was actually stolen from a few of the great Jython books out there.  Namely, 'Charming Jython' and 'Jython for Java Developers'...so I did not make up that tagline.  We can change it if you'd prefer.  I think that Jim mentioned the possible variant:

Jython:  Python of the Java Platform


Thanks Kay, I do appreciate your feedback!

Josh Juneau
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Here is my critisism,


Regards, Kay