Thanks for the input.  Good idea with the Twitter updates...I'll make the change.  Similarly, I can change the headline to read "Python Programming Language". 

Not quite sure why I put the "Skip to Content" link up in the corner, I've used it on other sites and it works well when the content is lower on the screen...good idea to remove here as it doesn't add much to the site. 

I do like the site as it is very easy to use.  On the contrary, I think it is nice to have a lot of content available from the first page without digging around the site (similar to  We can definitely try to keep it down to a minimum though...any thoughts on what should be removed would be great.  Otherwise I will just focus on not adding any additional sections to the front page. 

I really appreciate the feedback...thanks for your time!

Josh Juneau
Twitter ID:  javajuneau

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 2:52 AM, Tobias Ivarsson <> wrote:

Looking at the Twitter updates section, I think it would be more interesting to display a twitter search over any tweet that mentions Jython. Like does.

I also think that the headline should say "Python Programming Language" instead of "Python Language".

The "skip to content" link in the upper right corner does not skip very far, is it really useful?

In general I would prefer less content on the first page, I love the simplicity of the new JRuby website.

It's a great improvement over the current web page, and I love that you are doing this. Keep up the good work.