You should be able to view the full listing of newsletters at the link:

Sorry that it was out of step and missing the April and May newsletters, I had forgotten to update that page.  The
link will not provide you will all articles because it only includes the submitted articles...not all of them.  I have also updated that page to reflect the May distribution although there were no articles submitted in May.

For some reason, I cannot update the list at because it is no longer updatable.  

Sorry these were out of step, I'll try better to keep them in order.

Josh Juneau

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 6:26 AM, Alan Kennedy <> wrote:

I went looking for something in the archives of the jython monthly
magazine; it was confusing.

There are several different lists of previous articles, in several
different places, and all are out-of-step, in terms of the months they
have covered. For example, the most recent May 2008 newsletter is not
listed in any of these.

I ended up relying on my gmail archives to find a specific article in
the May 2008 newsletter.

Please can we collapse all these lists onto one page, so that they can
be more easily kept up-to-date, and more easily browsed by the end



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