It is great to see Jython 2.2 released...that is a major milestone! 

I was the former editor of the Jython Monthly newsletter.  I hated to discontinue work on the newsletter, but my time had become very limited. 

I've reached a point that I can once again spend some time on Jython and I am interested in starting work on the Jython Monthly newsletter once again if the community thinks it is a good idea.

I would like to re-start the newsletter in a similar format, and I would love to have the community write articles and send in tips each month.  I hope to have several user tip and article submissions each makes for great content.

If you haven't yet viewed any past issues of Jython monthly, please feel free to take a look at

Since I would be sending the newsletter to the jython-users mailing list, let me know if you wish for this newsletter to resume.  If enough people are interested then I will begin to start a newsletter for the month of October.

I look forward to hearing from the community and working on Jython Monthly again if enough people are interested.

Thanks, and take care.

Josh Juneau