At 10:09 23.10.2003 -0600, Kevin J. Butler wrote:
From: Curt Cox <>

SARNavigator uses Jython.

"Tripos' innovative HTS data analysis tool allows the life sciences researcher to efficiently retrieve, manipulate, and analyze biological and chemical data and chemical structures to determine the best chemical series for follow up."
Cool.  I added the blurb to a new ProjectsUsingJython wiki page:
I took the liberty of adding a bit of how it uses Jython ("for automation and customization" - phrase stolen from the web page). Feel free to update it as needed.

I also changed the links on the Jython pages that used to go to the older 'users' page to go to the wiki, and changed the suggestion of announcement blurbs to go to jython-users, which seems more appropriate than jython-dev given Jython's current maturity level.

Now, people with cool Jython projects can add their own links & text w/o waiting for the jython developers to do so.

argh, and I imagine that you edited the html files in place?