The current implementation of jythonc is essentially deprecated in Jython 2.2.  There are some things that just cannot be accomplished well in the current implementation (for example, generators).  There will be a new implementation down the road (based on the normal interactive compiler) but no work has been done on that yet.


On 2/2/06, Kevin Whinnery <> wrote:

Thanks a lot, Brian, that solved my problem - I thought I was taking crazy pills for the better part of a week.  :-)

Did you report that as a bug?  I didn't see that you had to extend a Java class in the Jython documentation or Jython Essentials (maybe I just missed it).

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02/01/2006 04:23 PM

Kevin Whinnery < >
Re: [Jython-users] Jythonc not generating public method signatures


    I recently ran into this.  I had to make my Jython class
extend/implement a "Real" Java class in order to get jythonc to expose
the function as a public method in Java.  (I was working with

There may be other/better ways to do this, but this worked for me.



On 2/1/06, Kevin Whinnery <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am attempting to use the @sig mechanism to make functions I have defined
> in a Python script available to Java:
> <code>
> def createResponseFile(responseFilePath, destinationPath):
>     "@sig public static void createResponseFile(java.lang.String
> responseFilePath, java.lang.String destinationPath)"
>     # my code follows
>     # ....
> </code>
> When I run jythonc on this file, this is the Java code that is generated for
> this function in the PyInner class:
> <code>
> private static PyObject createResponseFile$1(PyFrame frame) {
>             /* @sig public static void createResponseFile(java.lang.String
> responseFilePath, java.lang.String destinationPath) */
>             //my code follows
>             //....
> }
> </code>
> It seems jythonc just thinks this is a comment in my script, and doesn't
> create a public interface to the function I wrote in Python.  Am I doing
> something wrong?  Is there something else I need to do in order to make my
> Python functions callable from Java?  Any help anyone could offer would be
> greatly appreciated...
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