On 10/20/05, Neal Norwitz <nnorwitz@gmail.com> wrote:
The Grammar is (was at one point at least) shared between Jython and
would allow more tools to be able to share infrastructure.  The idea
is to eventually be able to have [JP]ython output the same AST to

Hello Python-dev,

My name is Frank Wierzbicki and I'm working on the Jython project.  Does anyone on this list know more about the history of this Grammar sharing between the two projects?  I've heard about some Grammar sharing between Jython and Python, and I've noticed that (most of) the jython code in /org/python/parser/ast is commented "Autogenerated AST node".  I would definitely like to look at (eventually) coordinating with this effort.

I've cross-posted to the Jython-dev list in case someone there has some insight.