On 10/21/05, Tim Couper <drtimcouper@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm currently working on a project which would like to provide a common python codebase in both Py2.4 and Jython 2.2. One positive side-effect of this desire should be to provide some "helpful" feedback about corners where Jy2.2 doesn't quite match with Py2.4 :-)

Currently 2.4 compatibility is not a goal.  Currently the codebase is a mix of 2.2/2.3 features.  If we weren't trying to get a release done as soon as we can, I'd really prefer to just go for 2.3 compatibility, but that would take much longer.

Where could we find out the status and current alternatives for Jy2.2 datetimes?

The latest from CVS has datetime included (it is a pure python implementation taken from the CPython sandbox -- thanks to a kind pointer from Tim Peters.