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only some thoughts. Browsing through the list of warnings you posted, I can see 3 types:

1. unnecessary imports
I will remove these (38 occurrences if I can trust Eclipse), if no one objects.

Please do - Thanks.

2. static access
Here I am (personally) not sure how strict we should enforce this guideline.

This probably needs to be looked at case by case.  Off the top of my head I can't  think of a situation where it would be bad to correct these, but I'd want to be careful.

3. package names not matching
These are mainly tests in the jython/Lib directory. IMHO this is a greater job to 'fix' (needs rewrite of some tests or some parts of the testing framework). This has - to my knowledge - not been decided yet.

The build script copies the Lib (including tests) from Python 2.2 and then copies the Lib from the Jython Lib over it which has the (intended) effect of over-writing tests that need to be modified from Python 2.2 due to various problems (gc calls, etc.)

The testing pattern in Jython really could use a good long look -- I'd epecially like to integrate the bugtests area with the rest and come up with a different pattern (I hate the numbered tests thing.) -- but that's a big job.

- Frank