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On 10/14/05, Frank Wierzbicki <> wrote:
Most of the warnings that you are seeing are due to the age and former goals of the codebase.  A big one is the former need to support JDK 1.1 which leads to the (often necessary) use of methods that are deprecated when viewed from newer JDKs.  We now support JDK 1.2+ which means that we can get rid of many of these deprecated methods.  I'm slowly going through the codebase and reformatting it to better follow these guidelines: mainly because I think the codebase has a few too many styles and I think the sun guidelines are the closest thing too an accepted standard that we are going to get.  BTW I am using eclipse as my "lint" and my reformatter (but I'm also making some changes by hand -- which is why it will probably take a while).  So these warnings will decrease over time, though I may not be able to eliminate them (for example, some methods deprecated since JDK 1.2 might need to stay).