Are you using the latest from cvs or the alpha release?  Some work has been done to fix method over-riding, but I don't think this particular scenario has been tested.


On 10/7/05, Leo User <> wrote:

this is looking more and more like a bug.  I added a
method called:
public void goom(){ System.out.println( "GOOM" ); }

to the class.  I then call goom() before boom().
goom() executes ok, but then we have an exception with

then if I override goom in the jython subclass, goom()
calls the jython override.  When it gets to boom, I
expect an exception but I get a "BOOM" instead.

so in a nutshell: if I call an overriden method before
calling the overriden abstract method it *works*.
This is an odd one. :D

But it does help answer my question: overriden methods
appear to take effect immediately, you don't have to
wait.  The abstract method is the weirdo.


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