I wish I could give some specific dates, but it all depends on how quickly we can take care of the issues that remain.  Here is a partial list:

1.  We need to figure out whether the remaining failing tests (there are about 22) can be made to pass or should be skipped for Jython.

2.  We need to re-bundle the PyXML package, probably using version 0.8.4.  This will almost certainly need some work to function.

3.  There are several core classes (especially PyClass, PyInstance, PyJavaClass, and PyJavaInstance) that need to be cleaned up before we could really release.

I think when these three are done we could put out another release.  By the way I think #2 could be a good first task for someone who wants to try jump in on developing Jython.  I am currently focused on #1 and #3.

-Frank Wierzbicki

On 9/28/05, Frank Cohen <fcohen@pushtotest.com> wrote:
What's the current status of the 2.2 release?


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