I am trying to use Jython as part of a rather complex commercial client/server system where all of the Java is "pushed" out to the clients (that is I can *not* directly install Jython on the workstation).  Everything works fine locally where I actually have Jython installed but things fall apart when I try to package up my Java wrapper and Jython code into a .jar that can be pushed to clients.

I've add the contents of jython.jar into the application's jar and am able to invoke a PythonIntepreter on scripts also contained within the jar.  I run into problems however when I try to use the Jython/Python standard library.  import sys works but import os fails, presumably because jython.jar does not contain the standard library?  I've tried adding the standard library (the Lib directory under c:\jython) but I can't seem to figure out where to put it in the application jar so that the PythonInterpreter can see it.  I've tried simply creating a directory \MyLib and adding it to the sys.path but this doesn't seem to work.  Any ideas?