Jython 2.2 "fails" under Windows 7 (e.g. os.environ lookups), see

Slightly longer.

After reading I was reminded how much smaller Jython 2.2 is than 2.5.x (when 2.5 came out I jumped at it), so I've used 2.2 on a couple of small projects recently as the deployment size is super tiny :-) This isn't a dig against 2.5, just a cool re-discovery.

However... I just ran a script on a Windows 7 machine and got some odd warnings/errors about "sh" "env" calls, which are obviously Unix'y. It turns out has a list of hard coded platforms for working out the "style" of platform. I'm not the first to hit this, has a note on this. What is the support status of Jython 2.2? Is there value in logging an issue with a patch? We can't use the 2.5 as that expects the subprocess module. My change is fairly simple:

In _getOsType, instead of:

    if not foundType:
        foundType = "posix" # default - posix seems to vary most widely


    if not foundType:
        if 'windows' in os.lower():
            foundType = "nt"
            foundType = "posix"  # default - posix seems to vary most widely