31.01.2011 19:20, Laurent Carbonnaux kirjoitti:

I'm new in Jython and I'm facing some troubles:

I'd like to call a method that have a (*values) as parameter
How can I call it from java thru Jython?
I have made a method like (String... values), but python receive an array of String as a single and first parameter of *values
String... is really syntactic sugar for String[], which is how it is behind the scenes. Use it accordingly.


 def log(self, *values):
    for mes in values:
        print mes

public void callmymodule(String... values)
    mymodule().log("val1", "val2", "val3")

output is :
array(java.lang.String, [u'val1', u'val2', u'val3'])

Does anyone can help me?
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