BTW.. I am not sure if this was obvious because my email client broke the line into two pieces.. but this is the actual line I am having issues with:

mSfSoap = (ISourceForgeSoap) ClientSoapStubFactory.getSoapStub\
(ISourceForgeSoap.class, serverUrl);

On 11/22/06, Michael March <> wrote:
Ok.. I tried:

>>> from  com.vasoftware.sf.soap43.webservices.sfmain  import ISourceForgeSoap
>>> mssoap = ISourceForgeSoap()
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "<console>", line 1, in ?
TypeError: can't instantiate interface (com.vasoftware.sf.soap43.webservices.sfmain.ISourceForgeSoap)

I have a feeling I am confused..

On 11/22/06, <> wrote:

Dear Micheal,

  had a similar issue on a Java SOAP class from APACHE & Jython .. hope this hint helps.

Jython dynamically create an instance of the Java class, you don't get access to the abstract class.
Replace the abstract class name by the instance name and it should work.  

in place of :  
mSfSoap = (ISourceForgeSoap)
ClientSoapStubFactory.getSoapStub(ISourceForgeSoap.class, serverUrl);
mSfSoap = ISourceForgeSoap()
ClientSoapStubFactory.getSoapStub(mSfSoap.class, serverUrl)

A similar example of a Java Jython SOAP code i“ve pulished under the monthly newsletter: jython/JythonMonthly/Articles/November2006/2
myString = javaString(symbol)
params.addElement(Parameter("symbol", myString.class, symbol, None))


Claude Falbriard
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phone: +55 13 8117 3316

"Michael March" <>
Sent by: jython

11/22/2006 12:03 PM


[Jython-users] Need help porting Java to Jython..

I usually horse around in CPython but my job is making me use some use
some Java libraries thus my first attempt at Jython.

I am trying to use the an API to access the Enterprise version of
SourceForge. VA Software ships a JAR file that wraps their SOAP API.
Here is an example code fragment (in Java) that does performs a login
and then receives a session key:

import com.vasoftware.sf.soap43.webservices.ClientSoapStubFactory;
import com.vasoftware.sf.soap43.webservices.sfmain.ISourceForgeSoap;
import com.vasoftware.sf.soap43.webservices.sfmain.ProjectSoapList;
import com.vasoftware.sf.soap43.webservices.sfmain.ProjectSoapRow;

import java.rmi.RemoteException;

* The SoapRunner class demonstrates how the SOAP APIs can be used
* to list, create or edit projects, trackers, artifacts, task groups,
* tasks etc.
public class SoapRunner {
/** SourceForge Soap interface handle */
private ISourceForgeSoap mSfSoap;

/** Login user name */
private String mLoginUserName;

/** Session id */
private String mSessionId;

/** Soap server url */
private String mServerUrl;

* Class consturctor.
public SoapRunner(String serverUrl) {
mServerUrl = serverUrl;
mSfSoap = (ISourceForgeSoap)
ClientSoapStubFactory.getSoapStub(ISourceForgeSoap.class, serverUrl);

That last line is giving me grief.. My Java skills are weak.. and I
can't figure out how that would map to Jython syntax.


(BTW... the full source his here: )

Michael F. March -----
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Michael F. March -----
Ph: (415)462-1910 ---- Fax: (602)296-0400
P.O. Box 2254 ---- Phoenix, AZ 85002-2254
          "Seriously" - HSR


Michael F. March -----
Ph: (415)462-1910 ---- Fax: (602)296-0400
P.O. Box 2254 ---- Phoenix, AZ 85002-2254
          "Seriously" - HSR