Hi guys..

I 've got Jython scripts running on a Blazeds-Spring framework.

A flex applications using RemoteObjects uses this jython  scripts to get data back and forth.

I am using a hacked JuthonFactoryBean that I found on the web (Thanks Jason Briggs)  with minor changes..

 Then published the beans using a spring-blazeds Factories (used a factory for spring and FDS)  and voila .. jython scripts running! no compilation, no tomcat restarts, just update the script and everything works..

It needs a lot more testing!! I will let you know how it goes..

Sorry if this is of no interest for you! but thought you it might.

Let me know if you want more info.. i could post a message as soon as I can with a tiny how-to  and maybe you guys can make it muuuuch better and more developer style and not unix admin hack style
(---its rather slow, maybe a pythonInterpreter instance is created for each request --ugly)

Thanks for this incredible tool and keep the Sunny Days Frank!!

PD: I did this mainly because I am not a developer at all.. just a linux admin that wants an EASY way to do complex tasks through the web.
Yes, i know php works just fine, but, come on,  flex is amazingly easy and looks very nice!, no crazy ajax and that stuff.